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Families Hope, LLC is a Supports for Community Living (SCL) provider located in Lexington, Kentucky. At Families Hope we provide quality support services through the SCL and Michell P. Waiver for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

These waiver programs are designed to provide people with an opportunity to live independent lives in communities as an alternative to living in an institution. 

Our program encourages participants to become more independent and be a part of the community they live in. Our Residential Homes offer opportunities for independent living, community involvement, and making friends in the community. Our philosophy is to be an advocate to all our participants and ensure their safety, health, and welfare.

We strive to offer a community that promotes participant dignity and self-worth, right of choice, self-respect, independence, and improve the quality of life for all our participants. We believe a successful outcome is achieved through a partnership with participants, family, friends, as well as Families Hope’s staff. Come and join our t